Art & Artist

I started painting in Munich Germany, April 1999 while on a business trip. One Saturday I decided to go downtown and buy paint, brushes and canvas and finally start my adventure. I’d thought about painting for a long long time but until that day, never acted on it.

I was back in my hotel at 3:00, got my stuff out of the bag,  and the next thing I knew it was 2:00 AM. I had forgotten to eat or change clothes but, I’d completed my first three paintings. During the remainder of the trip I painted in Warsaw, Paris, Copenhagen and London…not your average way to start but it certainly was fun.

Miro, Klimt, Calder, Klee and Picasso have been big influences…I love color and get totally into creating the backgrounds of my pictures before identifying the subject… painting is fun, exciting, stimulating and always surprising. Contact us with questions, suggestions or special requests…